Update: 15 December, 2017 18:37 PM
Women at their happiest stage after they widowed!: Survey

Women at their happiest stage after they widowed!: Survey

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While a subject as morbid as death can never be related to happiness, strangely enough, a study has found that women reach their peak happiness when they are 85-years-old – which, psychiatrists say, could be around the time they are widowed.

8,000 British adults took the survey that consisted of 12 questions. Participants has to "rate their levels of self-confidence, anxiety, sleep disturbance", The Independent reported.

The study, a survey carried out by NHS, also revealed that women are more likely to report serious health issues in their lifetime than men.

This was particularly noted with mental health. 28% of women aged 16-24 reported conditions compared to only 16% of men.

Women’s happiness diminished at middle age (45 -54 ) as 24% are classifies at mentally ill.

Burden of domestic responsibilities may be key factor women feel unhappier than men, suggests ate Lovett, dean of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, The Independent stated.

However, while women are more prone to depression, Lovett explained men might be more vulnerable to the mental health issue. This may be for those who are in their 80s and have no partner.

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