Durga Puja essentials

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25 September, 2017 20:12 PM

Durga Puja essentials

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Specific items are needed for each day of Durga Puja. There is a detailed method to worshiping Goddess Durga that is mentioned in the scriptures. Items which are needed for the ritual worship of the goddess should be collected beforehand so that the ritual is performed smoothly. The list of essentials of Durga Puja are:

1. Deity (statue/photo), Chunari, Shringaar items 

2. Two big lamps (with wicks, oil/ghee), 

3. Matchbox, Agarbatti 

4. Karpoor, Gandha Powder, Kumkum, gopichandan, haldi 

5. Sri Mudra (for Sandhyaavandan), Vessel for Tirtha, Yajnopavita , Roli, Moli(Kaleva)

6. Puja Conchshell, Bell, One aarati (for Karpoor), Two Aaratis with wicks

7. Flowers, Akshata (in a container), tulsi leaves

8. Decorated Copper or Silver or other Kalasha, Two pieces of red cloth (new),

9. Coconut, 1/2 kg. Rice, Bananas 6, gold coin, gold chain

10. Extra Kalasha, 3 trays, 3 vessels for Abhisheka 

11. Beetlenuts 6, Beetlenut Leaves 12, Banana Leaves 2, Mango Leaves 5-25

12. Dry Fruits, 5 bananas, 1 coconut - all for naivedya

13. Panchaamrita - Milk, Curd, Honey, Ghee, Sugar, Ganga Jal 

14. Puja Book,containing Aarti, Stotra, Chalisa, Stuti etc. 

15. Red flowers and red flower malas.

16. Also fruits and prasad as far as possible 21 varieties.

For more details consult your priest/purohit.