How was your sex life in 2017?

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27 December, 2017 21:17 PM

How was your sex life in 2017?

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With 2017 coming to a close, it’s time for beginnings and opening your heart to newer ways. However, let's have a look at how the secret happiness element of all relationships – sex – affected you and your relationships in the year. After all, the quickest recipe for health is a happy body.

ARIES: 2017 was a year to get wild! The planetary changes in Jupiter and mars got your sex drive to an all-time high. 

TAURUS: The romantic Taurus got its all shares in the year. Love was in the air and it was a year of positivity and happy vibes.

GEMINI: For the Twin of the zodiac, 2017 was about a spiritual connection with another. Keep your communication open and be receptive to emotional connections.

CANCER: You were where you always wanted to be, and sex-wise, you got it all in 2017. You found a partner who was as sensitive as you are and you both went along quite well.

LEO: As your focus changed from a physical to a more emotional bond, sex took a backseat for you in the year. It was a time of test for you so that you found the right path.

VIRGO: Love was in the air for the Virgo as well. Your sex was to communicate your love to your partner, however, you were supposed to get more creative with the way you expressed it.

LIBRA: You had a changed set of expectations for what you were looking for in your relationships. This led sex not coming to the forth. However, you are likely to find your twin soul during the journey.

SCORPIO: It was time for revolution, Scorpio. In 2017, you surprised yourself with what you crave for sex-wise. 

SAGITTARIUS: The archer was all set for some new sparks. You were emotionally charged up, making you shed your sexual inhibitions in the process. This was a healthier version of you.

CAPRICORN: You were struggling with issues of intimacy and connecting with others. Capricorn, you only deserve happiness and health and nothing should stop you from getting it.

AQUARIUS: Sex took a backseat for you were heading towards a new beginning. You got in touch with much untapped energy that helped you resolve any underlying issues with an emotional connection.

PISCES: Your sex life got very romantic in 2017. You saw yourself opening up to romance in a new way, making you happier in general.