Bangladesh self-reliant in fish, meat production: Narayan


11 February, 2018 19:22 PM

Bangladesh self-reliant in fish, meat production: Narayan

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Fisheries and Livestock Minister Narayan Chandra Chanda today said Bangladesh has achieved self-sufficiency in fish and meat production.

"As per the report of Department of Fisheries, 41.34 lakh metric tons of fish were produced in 2016-17, exceeding the year's target of 40.50 lakh metric tons with 84,000 metric tons additional production," the minister said at a press conference at the ministry's meeting room in the Secretariat. 

According to the national food intake guidelines, the daily per capita demand of fish is 60 grams, but as per the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics data, per capita, fish consumption is 62.58 grams per day, Narayan said, adding that this proves that the country is self-reliant in fish. 

He also said as per the research paper 'Livestock Resource in Bangladesh-1995' of Bangladesh Livestock Research Institute (BLRI), the daily per capita demand of meat is 120 grams. 

To meet the demand of protein, the Department of Livestock Services (DLS) set a target of meat production at 71.35 lakh metric tons in 2016-17 fiscal year, the minister said, adding that 71.54 lakh metric tons of meat were produced in the year with a surplus of 0.19 lakh metric tons.

Fish production has increased due to different pragmatic measures of the government, Narayan said, adding that success of Bangladesh in fish production has got the global recognition. 

As per the United Nation (UN) Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) Report 2016, Bangladesh is the 4th in consuming fish from internal water bodies and 5th in fish cultivation in the world, he added. 

Terming the management of hilsha resource as a priority task of the present government, the minister said coordinated activities, including updating the laws, are being carried out. The hilsha got recognition as Geographical Indication (GI) product in 2016, he added.

In the press conference, Narayan also said a survey titled 'R V Meen Shandhani' is being conducted in the sea. 

So far 157 species of fish, 16 shrimps, 11 crustacea and six of mollusk have already been identified by the survey, the fisheries minister said, hoping that a complete survey on marine resources, including the floating and underwater ones, could be conducted by the ongoing survey. 

Referring to the boosted poultry farms across the country, he said chickens are meeting the per capita demand of meat across the country. 

Acting Secretary of Fisheries and Livestock Ministry Md Raisul Alam Mondal, Fisheries Department Director General Syed Arif Azad and Director AKM Aminul Haque were present in the press conference, among others.