'Obhai' announces referral offer 300 Tk per ride

Kalerkantho Online   

20 May, 2018 14:24 PM

'Obhai' announces referral offer 300 Tk per ride

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Ride-sharing service Obhai has come up with lucrative offers in Ramadan.

Anyone having their first ride in Obhai can avail a free ride worth of Tk 300 by using promo code ‘OBHAI242’.
This is by far the highest amount of discount per ride by any ride-sharing service operational in Bangladesh.

Apart from this, If anyone uses the personal referral code from an existing user for the first ride, both existing user and the new user will get a free ride worth of BDT 300 with 100% discount.

Existing users can enjoy this offer as many times as the referral code is used. This offer will be available until the next announcement regarding motorbike, car, CNG auto-rickshaw and microbus. 

Introduced by MGH Group, Obhai is a ‘4 in 1’ ride-sharing service which has a fleet of cars, bikes, CNG auto rickshaw and microbus.
A total of 650 CNG auto rickshaws have recently registered with Obhai. For female passengers, Obhai launched separate special service called ‘Obon’ driven by female riders.