Textile Today-Northern Tosrifa Group team up to make efficient professionals

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5 October, 2018 11:06 AM

Textile Today-Northern Tosrifa Group team up to make efficient professionals

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Textile Today- a comprehensive and international magazine for textile, apparel & fashion industry - and Northern Tosrifa Group (NTG)- one of the leading RMG giants of Bangladesh-have teamed up to create skilled professionals in textile and apparel industry. 

They signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in this regard yesterday. 

Naim Hassan, director of Northern Tosrifa Group and Tareq Amin, founder and CEO of Textile Today signed the MoU on behalf of their respective sides at NTG’s factory premises.

Describing the initiative as a new history of Bangladesh apparel industry Tareq Amin said at the MoU signing program, “The initiative we, the Textile Today and NTG, are taking will bridge between the industry and trainees.” 

“Bangladesh textile and apparel industry is in a crying need for skilled professionals as the industry lacks skilled mid-level management. As a result, every year we see foreign employees take billions of dollars of hard-earned currency,” he said.

To mitigate this dire condition Textile Today Training (TTT) has taken the initiative to transform the professionals into efficient human capital through a comprehensive training program under Factory Skills Development (FSD) Program.

Sharifur Rahman, Chairman of Fashion Asia Ltd, a concern of NTG, stated, “As one of the largest knitted garments exporters, has the vision to become the best employing group of this sector by creating efficient professionals who will lead the textile industry in future.”

“Keeping this in daring vision in mind NTG is signing a MoU with Textile Today. In which they will extend their hand to use their factory demonstration for the factory engagement of the FSD training program of Textile Today with the objective to train the industry people.”

“Day by day factory owners are facing lots of challenges, including lack of skilled professionals. We need more skilled people. We hope this signing will help to create efficient professionals for the textile industry,” Tareq Amin said.

Textile Today has been working for the last 11 years for Human capital transformation and arranging many training programs to make efficient professionals who will lead the industry in future.
Sharifur Rahman also said, “It is a great initiative for the textile industry.  The industry needs more skill professionals, I hope Textile Today will support in this regard.”

Industry experts, brands representative, NTG’s management level officers, Textile Today trainers, and trainees were present at the signing ceremony. At the end of the program, certificates were handed over to the Industrial Engineering Trainees of FSD training program. 

The FSD training program could be considered as the first ever ‘Industry Orientation Program’ for the textile professionals and students in Bangladesh. Experienced industry experts will train the participants to provide and share the taste of industry during the course of their study itself, which will give the trainees a real industrial exposure – not just training. In addition, as the demand for a trained professional is growing that gives a big aspect to extend the training program further in the future.

Another aspect is that NTG will train their executives through this FSD program of Textile Today to make the top quality experts meet the demand of the textile industry.

In the program, Textile Today is offering 5 Factory Skills Development Certificates under which there are 16 Foundation Training Courses. Participants will be able to choose Foundation Training Courses as per his or her professional’s need. 

Successful completion of 4 certain Foundation Training Courses will make participants eligible for 1 FSD certificate. Two certificate winners will be declared as Yellow Belt FSD professionals in textiles, three certificate winners will be declared as Green Belt FSD professionals in textiles. And participants who will be able to complete 4 FSD certificates will be declared as Black Belt FSD professionals in textiles.