'Ensure quality production to enhance export competitiveness'


20 January, 2018 19:02 PM

'Ensure quality production to enhance export competitiveness'

Photo: BSS

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President M Abdul Hamid today asked agriculturists, scientists, farmers and entrepreneurs to utilize the potentials of fisheries and livestock sector to accelerate the pace of national development.

"The fisheries and livestock cultivation is a major and potential sector for employment generation and investment . . . Ensure quality production to enhance export competitiveness," he said while inaugurating the 'Livestock Service Week-2018' at Krishibid Institution Bangladesh (KIB) of Farmgate's Khamarbari.

The President stressed building necessary infrastructure and laboratory, and growing efficiency and enacting legal structure to ensure the appropriate quality of production at all levels.

Noting that the consumers are now getting eggs, milk, meat in the market at a reasonable price due to the balance of demand and supply of the products, President Hamid said, "Don't think of consumers' facilities only, give priority to producers' financial security also."

Apart from maintaining fair prices of products, Abdul Hamid categorically urged all concerned to take proper care of the export earnings from this sector.

Referring to the activities of some corrupt businessmen who were found involved in getting benefits previously, the President said their activities badly hampered country's potentials and also tarnished country's image abroad as well.

Terming the global export market a very competitive, he said, "Our products must be the best one." President Hamid also warned of stern action against any sort of irregularity and corrupt practice in this regard. About the present situation of Bangladesh that gained self-sufficiency in food production, the President urged all to provide more developed services through ensuring digital services with safe and quality food produces from livestock to achieve the "Sustainable Development Goal - 2030" as dreamed by Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

Agriculture Minister Begum Matia Chowdhury, Fisheries and Livestock Minister Narayon Chandra Chanda, concerned Ministry's Secretary M Maksudul Hasan Khan, Director General of Department of Livestock Services Dr Aynul Haque also spoke.

Some members of parliament, diplomats, political personalities, professionals, scientists, experts, senior civil and military officials and secretaries concerned to the President were present.