Attack on anti-quota demonstrators: ATN Bangla cameraperson hurt

Kalerkantho Online   

8 April, 2018 21:23 PM

Attack on anti-quota demonstrators: ATN Bangla cameraperson hurt

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ATN Bangla cameraperson has received injuries when police launched an assault amid clashes during the anti-quota demonstration held at the Shahbagh intersection in the capital this evening.

Private TV station News24, a sister concern of the daily Kalerkantho, has confirmed the news.

The injured cameraperson is yet to be identified.

The job seekers and students of various educational institutions in the capital and elsewhere in the country have been demonstrating against the existing quota system in the government recruitment processes for more than a decade.

As part of their ongoing demonstration, a group of protesters blocked the Shahbagh intersection this afternoon.

Around 2,000 protesters earlier in the day brought out a procession from in front of the Dhaka University Central Library. Later, they stopped at the Shahbagh intersection and staged a sit-in around 3pm.

Shahbagh Police Station SI Imrul Shaheed said: "The road blocked caused immense sufferings to the people in the area. Police are trying to remove them from the street.”

Police have dispersed the protesters blocking Shahbagh streets with teargas and charged baton on them around 7pm as the gathering created a huge gridlock that spread to other streets in the busy city.

Several unknown jobseekers have reportedly been injured in the teargasing on them. 

Today's protest called Mass-March," is being widely circulated through social media platforms to gather public support on the anti-quota movement using the hashtag #ReformQuotaBD.

In the hashtag #ReformQuotaBD, the demonstrators said: “Quota facilities should not be more than 10%. It is high time to raise your voice against this biased, unethical and illogical system which is just like a torture on general students in lovely Bangladesh…”

The job seekers have demanded reformation of the existing quota system in BCS (Bangladesh Civil Service) and other government recruitment processes in the country under the banner of "Bangladesh Shadharan Chhatra Odhikar Sangrakkhan Parishad" in the current movement.

During their recent movement in the capital, they have placed a five-point demand, including reducing the allocation of quota privileges to 10 percent from the existing 56 percent in the government recruitment processes.

The five-point demands are- reduction of quota down to 10 percent from existing 56 percent; recruitment of candidates on the basis of merit if eligible candidates with quota privilege cannot be found; no more special recruitment exam for the candidates eligible for quota; uniform age limit for all in government jobs and prevention of all forms of discrimination in the recruitment process.

The job-seekers during the demonstration processes, however, used social media tools strongly and took to the social networking sites frequently in order to develop strong communications and widespread coverage of the movement.

The social networking sites, especially Facebook, have been flooded with different photos and videos of their programmes.

They frequently uploaded and shared their movement videos and photos of their programmes and activities those went viral in moments with the social networking sites.

They used different Facebook pages in uploading the videos and photos that include: কোটা সংস্কার চাই(সকল ধরনের চাকরির জন্য), BCS or BANK: OUR GOAL™ [Largest Job group of Bangladesh], BCS: Our Goal,কোটা সংস্কার চাই ( Sanowar's Math centre) and We want  the reformation of quota system in Bangladesh.