Quota system cancelled: PM

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11 April, 2018 17:49 PM

Quota system cancelled: PM

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Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today said the existing quota system is cancelled in order to put an end to the ongoing protests. 

She said: "We don't need to keep the existing quota system as the students and jobseekers will stage repeated demonstrations over the issue which will affect their education process." 

"No quota system will exist in the country as the students don't want it. I'm against any violence in the name of demonstration and I also can't see the common people suffer for the movement. So, cancelling the quota system is the best solution to the crisis," she added.

“I have directed the Cabinet Secretary Mohammad Shafiul Alam to scrutinize the existing quota system on Monday but why the students went on the movement again,” she asked the protesters.

The prime minister made the announcement while addressing the national parliament session on Wednesday.

She further said: "I don't think that reforming the quota method will bring any permanent solution as the students and jobseekers would be engaged with the issue and would call further movement."

“But if the protesters think that they will discuss the issue further, they can negotiate with the Cabinet Secretary Mohammad Shafiul Alam regarding the quota reform,” she kept an option for the demonstrators.

She also strongly condemned and criticized the attack on the official residence of the vice-chancellor of Dhaka University. 

The students should identify the attackers, she said. "We cannot support such type of violent activities and those who were involved with the attack will be brought to trial."