PM optimistic about AL’s victory in next polls

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27 October, 2018 09:11 AM

PM optimistic about AL’s victory in next polls

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Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina yesterday expressed her firm optimism about Awami League’s victory in the upcoming general elections and said the pro-liberation forces will remain in power when the nation will celebrate the golden jubilee of independence.

“We must win in the next parliamentary elections as the people of the country are with us,” she said in her introductory speech at a joint meeting of AL Central Working Committee, Advisory Council and Parliamentary Party at her official Ganabhaban residence here this evening.

The prime minister said: “We will celebrate the golden jubilee of our independence Insha Allah when the pro-liberation forces will stay in power. ”

Sheikh Hasina, also the Awami League president, said the golden jubilee of independence will not be celebrated properly if the pro-liberation forces do not remain in power. “The Pakistan-lovers will not celebrate it — it’s a reality,” she added, according to BSS report.

Noting that she has full confidence and trust in the people, the premier said the Awami League came to power with their strength and vote.

Sheikh Hasina said touch of development has brought about a massive change in everybody’s life and this has presented a beautiful life to them.

“The people will surely give another chance to Awami League for formation of the government by retaining this change,” she hoped.

The prime minister said the nation will observe the birth centenary of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman in 2020 and celebrate the golden jubilee of its independence in 2021. -

“We’re fortunate that we were in state power when Bangladesh celebrated the silver jubilee of its independence in 1996 and at my invitation South African revolutionary leader Nelson Mandela, late Palestinian President Yasir Arafat and former Turkish President Suleman Demirrel joined the celebration,” she added.

Elaborating Bangladesh’s tremendous development in different sectors, Sheikh Hasina said the pace of uplift will continue if Awami League is reelected with the vote of the people.

“If we come to power again, the people will be gifted with more beautiful life and every village will be turned into a town,” she said, adding that the people will get urban facilities by staying at the villages and they will not go through any hardship.

In this connection, the Awami League president quoted a comment of Bangabandhu in which he said: “We will decorate every village like a town. ”

“I’m working untiringly to materialise Bangabandhu’s dream and I’ve firm confidence that we could achieve this goal Insha Allah,” she said.

The prime minister said her government has been able to free the nation from the curse of hunger. “Bangladesh will be made a poverty-free country by 2021 and transformed into a developed country by 2041,” she said.

Sheikh Hasina said her government adopted the Delta Plan-2100 to turn Bangladesh into a most developed country in the next century and keep up its development spree.

The prime minister said the poverty rate has dropped to 21 percent and “we can call Bangladesh as a poverty-free country if the rate is reduced by 4/5 percent further. ”

She said Bangladesh has got the recognition of a developing country from the LDC group fulfilling three conditions. “We want to retain this success and take it forward,” she said.

Criticising those who do not see Bangladesh’s development, Sheikh Hasina said one of the leaders who formed Jatiya Oikyafront said that “Pakistan made more development than Bangladesh. ”

“He should be sent to Pakistan to see the actual situation in Pakistan,” she said, adding Saudi Arabia has given three billion dollars to Pakistan for repaying Islamabad’s debt and this is the situation of Pakistan.

“We are not a loan defaulter at all and we’re paying loan regularly and we needn’t to beg to anybody for repaying credit … despite that if anybody doesn’t see our development, we leave the matter to the people,” she added.

The prime minister came down heavily on Dr Kamal Hossain for formation of a new alliance with those convicted for corruption, money laundering, 10-truck arms haul and the August 21 grenade attack.

“Those who were vocal against graft and made theoretical comments against it forged unity with corrupt elements,” she said.