European parliamentarians optimistic about fair polls

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26 November, 2018 08:59 AM

European parliamentarians optimistic about fair polls

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A visiting European parliamentary delegation on Sunday hoped that the next national election in Bangladesh will be held in a free and fair manner.

“I’m confident that the coming election will be free and fair,” said Rupert Matthews, Conservative Member of the European Parliament sharing his thoughts based on the impression he got after talking to political leaders of Bangladesh, reports UNB.

While interacting with media at a city hotel, said the European Parliament believes that Bangladesh is well prepared to handle the election on its own.

Matthews said the European Union parliament believes that Bangladesh is capable to follow its own rules to conduct a free and fair election. Therefore, he added, they do not need to send observers.

He said the delegation had talks with a wide range of people of Bangladesh, including government officials and politicians and common people.

Member of the Portuguese Parliament Joao Pedro Guimaraes Goncalves said the visit has removed the wrong ideas about Bangladesh they had. “We’ve found that the country is really amazing.”

Fluvio Martusciello, Sandra Cristina De Sequeiros Pereira, Madi Sharma and Alberto Cirio are among the members of the delegation.