Don’t be misguided if BNP boycotts polls: PM

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29 December, 2018 15:01 PM

Don’t be misguided if BNP boycotts polls: PM

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Prime Minister and Awami League President Sheikh Hasina today cautioned people including party candidates against possible election boycott by the opposition in the middle of voting as part of a trick and advised them to stay in centres still the polls were ended.

“I want to caution all that there is a character of the BNP-Jamaat that they will say in the middle (of the elections) that we are boycotting the elections,” she said, reports BSS.

She added: In this case, I will ask our candidates and candidates of other parties to continue polls until its completion”.

Sheikh Hasina’s comments came after she visited wounded party leader of Dinajpur Dr Mahbubur Rahman at Dhaka Combined Military Hospital (CMH) this morning as he was admitted to the facility with critical injuries caused by BNP-Jamaat attacks.

“I would like to tell all not to believe if the BNP says in the middle of the polls that we withdraw ourselves from the election (race) and we will not participate in it . . . this is their another game,” Sheikh Hasina said.

The AL president asked the party representatives and agents to stay in every polling centre until the announcement of the results.