Better cut ties with Shakib, Taslima to Apu

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6 December, 2017 20:40 PM

Better cut ties with Shakib, Taslima to Apu

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Writer Taslima Nasreen, who has been living in exile, said it would be better for Dhallywood actress Apu Biswas to cut relationship with Shakib Khan.

Addressing Apu, the writer wrote on her Facebook page: "It would be better for Apu Biswas to get divorced than staying in a relationship with such a proud patriarchal man like Shakib. Self-dependent women can take care of themselves."

The post read: "Shakib is divorcing Apu as she didn't pay heed to his demands. Apu accepted Islam as per Shakib's whim, she maintained the household works as like a domestic help. Even, she kept the news of her motherhood secret in order to make Shakib happy."

She advised Apu that she should no longer cry for the patriarchal man. "She [Apu] should not perform Hajj as well as it will only cause death by stampede."

Apu should stay strong and make herself ready for the upcoming days, said Taslima.

The Dhallywood star Shakib Khan is going to put an end to his marriage with his actress wife Apu Biswas. Shakib’s lawyer sent a letter to Apu on Friday, seeking a divorce.

Actor Shakib Khan, who is now in Hyderabad, the capital city of the southern Indian state of Telangana, on Tuesday told Kalerkantho that he signed the divorce letter before he departed the country.

Shakib Khan and Apu got married on April 18, 2008 and they kept the marriage news secret until Apu disclosed their marriage before media on April 10 this year.