Prioty shares story of being a pioneer of pole dancing

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14 February, 2018 15:51 PM

Prioty shares story of being a pioneer of pole dancing

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Maksuda Akhter Prioty, a Bangladeshi born Irish model and also the winner of numerous prestigious beauty titles, has recently shared her story of being a pioneer of pole dancing as a Bangladeshi.

In a Facebook post, the former Ms Ireland, Miss Hot Chocolate, Miss Universal Royalty, Ms Ireland Earth and Ms Photogenic, opened up about her past struggles of pole dancing training.

She wrote: "I think no Bangladeshi male or female across the globe ever become pole dancing artist, I challenge. But, I have accomplished my training from Irish Pole Dance Academy in 2016."

“During my two-year training programme, I cried so many times, as the pain that I got while learning to take control over the pole, suffered me a lot. I was panting and dripping with sweat, bruises appeared all over my brawny skin. But I never gave up and felt happy about the progress despite all the pains and sufferings during the practice sessions.” 

Prioty wrote: “To Asians, pole dancing still is being considered as a lap dance performed at strip clubs. People still possess negative thought about pole dancing. But, it can be a good way for keeping your body fit and flexible."

"Nowadays, pole dancing has become a part of Indian movie industry. And when I met popular Indian actor Sohail Khan, he was surprised to know that despite being a Bangladeshi, I got the courage to bring changes in our thinking," she added. 

“But, things are changing and we are not far behind,” she wrote.