Jennifer Lawrence answers fan's question on internet platform

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12 March, 2018 12:29 PM

Jennifer Lawrence answers fan's question on internet platform

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Hollywood film star and Oscar-winner Jennifer Lawrence signed up for a number of accounts on several websites and answered international fans’ questions about herself while participating in GQ magazine’s “Actually Me” video series.

The show encourages celebrities to uncover accounts on various websites and answer all types of questions about themselves from users. So Lawrence signed up for Quora, Reddit, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Wikipedia, IMDb and Russia's Mail.ru as part of the show.

Mail.ru is Russia's leading email service and one of the country's biggest internet portals. Taking to Answers@mail.ru, Lawrence answered one question that was translated for her by showrunners.

"Does Jennifer Lawrence [the one that played in the Hunger Games] speak Russian?" user Kirill Vasyliev asked a week ago.

The actress answered in Russian language "Нет. Я этого не делаю" ("No. I don't do that.")

Vasyliev is not a frequent user of the platform, though, as the last time he asked a question using the Mail.ru service was three years ago, and it was also about the Hunger Games trilogy.

After the show was published on YouTube, Russian fans stormed the platform to comment on Lawrence's answer. "This is fire!" one commentator said, while others commented, "Jen, you're great!" and "Omg, you perfect, I really love u".

In the video Lawrence also quashed rumours on Reddit concerning a possible fling with Brad Pitt and even edited her own Wikipedia page to delete something she was purported to have said while drunk.