Sunny Leone launches trailer of Karenjit Kaur

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27 March, 2018 20:07 PM

Sunny Leone launches trailer of Karenjit Kaur

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Before she became the enigma that she is, Sunny Leone was Karenjit Kaur. She was a simple Indian girl from a Punjabi family residing in Canada. She had regular struggles that any NRI teenager would face abroad. After years of dodging the questions, Sunny has finally decided to tell her story in a show based on her life, Karenjit Kaur. She launched the trailer of this ambitious web series at the glitzy launch event by Zee5.

Zee5 is the latest streaming channel in India, all set to change the scene here. They have an amazing line up of original content to which the world was introduced last night. These films and web series, including Sunny’s Karenjit Kaur, are all scheduled to debut this spring. At the event, Sunny said that Zee5 was the only platform that agreed to tell her story as it is and that she was grateful to them. How lovely! We can’t wait to see ‘The Untold Story Of Sunny Leone.’ 

At the event, Sunny revealed at the event that she has been working on this show for the past few years and it’s a labour of love. “It was one of the hardest things to redo the whole thing. That went great, also it went very wrong,” she said. Sunny also revealed that she had fought with writer/producer Karan hundreds of time over how to go about with the story. Though, she added there could not have been a better person that him to make Karenjit Kaur.

With a glimmering smile on her face, Sunny Leone looks exuberantly confident about Karenjit Kaur, as she said “it has come out well.” She knows that the world wants to learn about her life as much as they could.


Source: Bollywoodlife