A king has to take chances: Shah Rukh Khan

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8 January, 2019 13:11 PM

A king has to take chances: Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan. File photo

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Shah Rukh Khan, who has ruled showbiz for a long time has never played it safe. The actor, who did not shy away from negative roles even in the beginning of his career, continues to take chances.

For instance, Zero failed to impress, but SRK is applauded for choosing such a script.

Last seen in this very film, he says, “I have succeeded with things that I never knew would succeed. I also feel that if you really are the king, you should have the choice to make your own choices. A king without choices is not a king at all. ”

The Badshah continues, “I am only exercising my choice to do what I like to do. I believe that if I am king, and don’t take chances I will remain one just for namesake. ” One of the most lavish producers in the industry, the superstar says he treats each of his films like his daughter.

“I believe you can’t curb a writer with a limit on the number of pages he or she is allowed to write. As a producer, if I would like to do as much as possible, there is no one really to stop us from making key decisions even though the company tells me, many times, that I am over-doing things. ”

“I believe every film I do is like my daughter. People spend lavishly on their daughter’s wedding, so why can’t I spend on my film? Let whatever I am doing for my daughter, be nice, and inshallah, the money will follow,” he adds. Shah Rukh Khan will now move on to his next project which is a biopic on Rakesh Sharma. Tentatively titled Salute, it is scheduled to go on the floors by February.