Stella feels 'blessed' to be a model

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25 August, 2017 11:46 AM

Stella feels 'blessed' to be a model

Stella Maxwell

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Stella Maxwell, the 27-year-old British-New Zealand fashion model, supermodel feels honoured she has the "coolest job in the world", but due to her busy work schedule she has to take "wellness pills" to keep her energised and her immune system strong.

Speaking to Elle.com about her career, the blonde-haired beauty said: "Listen, I've been blessed with the coolest job in the world.

"I like to get wellness pills anywhere I can, like all-natural multivitamins. I've taken them frequently throughout the last few years, and I think they really boost your immune system and prevent you from getting sick. That's essential in my job, because I'm around different people, in different air, and building my immune system for travel is part of how I stay healthy. So I'm always looking for those."

And the Victoria's Secret Angel, who acquired her wings in 2015, has admitted her chaotic lifestyle that sees her jet across the globe to grace the runway for numerous catwalk shows has its benefits as she is able to make new friends.

She explained: "I travel a lot and spend a lot of time in hotels. Outside of work, I still have the same friends I've had for years. But because I travel so much, I meet new people every day, and I'm just as open to new friends as I was before I started working. At this point, I have a group of friends in every city where I work, and so I always try to make time to see them and catch up with them, because it's part of why my job's so great. I literally have friends everywhere.

"I guess being a good friend is always being there for each other and looking after each other, and always wishing the best for each other. A real friend is someone who tries to bring you up all the time, and someone you want to do that for. That's what makes a friend special."


Source: Female First