The 5 things you always should keep in your freezer

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11 October, 2017 14:34 PM

The 5 things you always should keep in your freezer

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You should prefer to stock spinach, peas, and corn, but it’s smart to keep a couple of bags of whatever frozen vegetables you prefer on hand. I stress that you buy those you like and will actually eat, because we’ve all found that half-eaten bag of emergency veggie medley wedged in the back. Toss the vegetables in pastas, simmer in soups, or whip into an irresistible dip.


Sausages are one of those items I always buy in bulk. While your household is currently comprised of just two adults, you never know when you’ll be called to serve friends or extended family, or get a hankering to make a big batch soup or sauce. When you’re ready to sauté, grill, or meatball 'em up, grab as many links as you need and defrost overnight in the fridge or in a bowl full of cold water 


You may love a smoothie on a Saturday morning, but I also like a handful of berries in muffins, pancakes, and quick breads. I’ve even been known to spin them into a no-churn sorbet. Freezer space can get tight, though, so know your own habits—if you’ll use the berries, stock up, if not, skip them for one of the other items on the list.


Nuts can be pricey which is why I need to buy them in bulk and  keep them in the freezer. Because they’re full of natural oils, nuts can go rancid quickly if not stored in a cool environment. The one sure thing you can do to lengthen their shelf life (and save some coin) is keep them in the freezer. 

Sliced Bread

Say goodbye to moldy loaves. Rather than race through your boules and batards, slice them while they’re still fresh, and tuck them in the freezer in a re-sealable bag. You’ll have toast at the ready at all times, plus options for stratas, sandwiches, and the ever important crouton.

Source: Real Simple