Jacqueline reveals 5 diet secrets to stay cool in summer


4 May, 2018 20:23 PM

Jacqueline reveals 5 diet secrets to stay cool in summer

Jacqueline Fernandez. Getty Images

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Bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernandez says her mantra during summer is to eat right and keep cool. The actress, who is also an investor in Indian cold-pressed juice brand RAW Pressery, says it is important to stay hydrated in summer. She shares her summer essentials:

* Water: “Nothing quite quenches my thirst during summer as a glass of water. I dial up my daily intake to about 3.5 litre. It keeps my body hydrated and my skin looking fresh. Another big one on my list is coconut water, which I am absolutely nuts about — it replenishes electrolytes in my body and keeps me feeling light yet full.”

* 50 shades of green: “I’m an obsessive salad eater. Fresh summer produce is my go-to saviour. You will always find a serving of leafy greens in my lunchbox or on set. And in-between interviews, I’m always crunching away. I like to add some radish, cucumbers, apples and pomegranate to it. Radishes and cucumbers keep your body hydrated.”

* Lemon-aid to the rescue: “Coming home, on a sunny afternoon to an absolutely chilled glass of lemonade sets the tone for my day, week and month. Aloe Vera Lemon is my new discovery with my summer favourite lemonade topped with cooling aloe vera and mint.”

* One in a melon: “Watermelons take me back to my childhood when my siblings and I would overdose on big, juicy wedges. I like to keep it smooth with a watermelon and mint smoothie if I’m on the go.”

* Sabja seeds: “Our very own version of Chia seeds, sabja seeds are most effective when soaked in water and had during the course of the day. They reduce overall body heat and are also quite rich in fibre. Mix it up by adding them to a bowlful of mangoes, mint and turn on the summer vibe.”