Special eid arrangements for kids with special needs

Borhan Mahmud    

1 September, 2017 14:16 PM

Special eid arrangements for kids with special needs

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Muslims around the world is set to celebrate Eid-ul-Azha tomorrow and parents, who are going to celebrate the occasion with their kids with special needs, should keep some points in their minds.

Here are some ideas for dealing with your child with special needs during the festival:

Maintain routine
Don’t ignore the importance of maintaining the regular routine of an autistic child or child with special needs as they usually don’t feel comfortable if their routine breaks.

Make time for your kid
We tend to be fairly busy and often over scheduled during festivals. However, while everything on your to-do list is important, it’s also important to make time for your child. And if possible, request the guests to pay a visit in a specific time in the day. 

Food for him or her
Don’t forget to put his or her favorite dishes in the list of your cooking items. And if he/she doesn’t want to share those with guest, don’t insist.

Party dress not before time
While dressing up your kid, always remember that they should not be insisted to wear any special or party dress during the stay at home. Get them ready a few minutes before going outside.

Ensure proper rest
Ensure that your kid can get proper rest during the day. Avoid visiting outside when it's his/her regular schedule of getting rest or sleep.

No noise, please 
Remember that your kid doesn’t like noises and loves to enjoy a peaceful and quiet atmosphere. So, no loud music or big noises at home. 

Don’t compare
All kids are different, typical, or with extra challenges and they will grow and develop at their own pace. If a developmental milestone isn’t met as you think it should be, don’t compare your kid with your guest’s kid; please don’t make him/her upset during the festival. Your child is unique and will have his/her own individual strengths and challenges.