Welcome to Dhaka's first robot-run restaurant (Video)

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16 November, 2017 18:07 PM

Welcome to Dhaka's first robot-run restaurant (Video)

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The country’s first ever robot-powered restaurant has been launched at Asad Gate in the capital on Wednesday.

From robotic greeter at the front door to your automated waiter, your visit to this 'Robot Restaurant' located at Family World Convention Center will feature amazing cybernetic staff you hoped to have served you in the future.

A Chinese robot manufacturer HZX Electronic Technology Company and the restaurant owner will jointly operate the restaurant "Robot Restaurant" opened for the customers today.

Among others, state minister for ICT Zunaid Ahmed Palak was present during the inauguration ceremony in the city. 

Rahin Raiyan, director of the restaurant said: “It has been observed that human waiters become tired after working for a few hours. They serve the diners while being tired.”

 “People of every class are welcome to get the rare experience of being served by robots as our menu will offer reasonable prices,” he added.

The robots can work 18 hours continuously and they can be charged while being in operating, according to an official of the restaurant.