5 ways Iceland creates teenager revulsion (watch)

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20 November, 2017 14:52 PM

5 ways Iceland creates teenager revulsion (watch)

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Teenagers in Iceland in the 80's and 90's were out of control. It was a huge problem and in 1998, some 42% of them said they had got drunk. But, now it's only 5%.

Here's how they did it: (For details, please watch the video below)

1. Bring in a curfew

Kids under 16 must be indoor by 10 pm, so some parents go on patrol.

2. Parents sign a pledge

Groups of parents agree on rules for their children's behaviour.

3. Keep kids occupied

Every year they get a $500 voucher for after-school activities.            

4. Base it all on science

Teenagers fill in a survey every year

5. Get the politicians onside

You have to decide to build what you do on evidence and research