What Islam says about drinking water out of liquor bottle?

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24 November, 2017 14:22 PM

What Islam says about drinking water out of liquor bottle?

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In the Holy Qur'an the word Khamr has been used for alcoholic drinks. The Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) slapped a ban on drinking alcohol as it intoxicates people. Islam always emphasises the effects of alcohol on people. Islam dealt with the problem of alcohol and intoxicants in an excellent way. 

The information relating to the prohibition of alcohol in Islam is to be obtained directly from the word's of Allah alone in the Qur'an. The prohibition of alcoholic beverages is mentioned three times in the Holy Qur'an.

ln Surah Al-Baqarah, Allah says:

There is a great sin in wine drinking and one of the things that Allah forbade is sins. The last portion of the verse tells us that there is greater harm in wine and gambling than the benefit. No sane man will approach or do anything that has a greater harm than benefit for him.

ln Surah An-Nisa, Allah says:

Nowadays many people store drinking water in liquor bottles in offices and houses. Many people ask the question: Whether drinking water from an unused liquor bottle is haram (illegal) in Islam.

We all should remember that Islam emphasises the effects of alcohol on people and not the origin or form of alcohol. Regarding the Issue, Maulana Kashem Sharif came up with the right answer.

He said: "You can drink water out of alcohol bottles if those are no longer used for keeping liquor. Islam prohibited taking water out of Liquor jars in three cases--if the intention of the one who drinks from a wine bottle is to imitate those who drink alcohol in the way they drink, if the bottle is not well washed and to put a complete halt on drinking alcohol."

Even its 2017, the prohibition is still effective in Islam. However, the following Hadiths permit people to keep drinking water in alcohol jars.

"Actually jars cannot make anything haram or halal. But, each and every narcotic material is haram."

“If you can find something else, eat and drink from it. If you cannot find anything else, then wash them with water and eat and drink.”

So, no worries, just properly clean your liquor bottles and store drinking water in it.