5 mistakes people make on first date

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7 December, 2017 19:29 PM

5 mistakes people make on first date

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Social psychologist Terri Orbuch, relationship therapist Irina Firstein and author of The Breakup Bible Rachel Sussman have revealed the most common dating mistakes people make in the early stages of a relationship. Here are five of those: 

Talking about an ex

Hopefully, you knew this already, but nobody wants to hear about the petty fights you and your ex used to have, especially not on a first date.

The ex factor is never going to be the key to seduction; dramatic breakups do not make for uplifting flirty banter, use your noggin.

Revealing too much about yourself

While it’s important to be yourself on a date, particularly in the early stages, it can be a bit TMI to divulge your entire life story too soon.

Not only does this imply that you’re a bit of a narcissist who can’t help but rattle on about themselves, but it can be a bit overwhelming for some people.

Having a strict checklist

Know what you’re looking for in a person, but for goodness sake do not go into a date all guns blazing asking them to outline their political ideologies or whether they have a family history of diabetes.

Don't communicate over the phone

When it comes to the language of love, real-life spontaneity reigns supreme.

If you are only communicating with your date-to-be via text, it can be all too easy to misconstrue sarcasm for sass or ignorance for innocence, and vice versa.

Going too fancy on the first date

Keep first dates casual, advises Orbuch, who suggests going to a local coffee shop or a wine bar.

Leave originality and fancy fun to date three or four when you know each other a little better.