5 health benefits of keeping pubic hair

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21 December, 2017 16:23 PM

5 health benefits of keeping pubic hair

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For years, pubic hair removal has been a popular fad and is known to be a multi-million dollar business all over the world. 

But did you know that keeping pubic hair is considered to be healthier than shaving them?

5 surprising benefits of keeping pubic hair:

1. It is more sanitary

Pubic hair acts as natural barriers to viruses and bacteria. They protect the tender skin of our genitals from being bruised or irritation. At times, even the clothes that we wear can irritate the skin there. Experts also say that freshly shaved genitals are more prone to risks of infections.

2. It acts as a natural lubricant

Pubic hair is responsible for keeping the moisture of our genitals intact. They reduce chances of yeast infections and prevent rubbing of skin and the redness caused by it. Also, pubic hair offers protection from unwanted irritation during sexual intercourse.

3. Regulates body temperature

Hair follicles help in better sweating. They release oil into the hair which is further transported to oils on the skin surface. On evaporation, this oil helps in cooling down of the skin because of latent heat.

4. It increases sensation

There are nerve endings at the bottom of each hair follicle. These nerve endings are different from the other nerve endings on our skin. Completely shaving can reduce the sensation, thus decreasing your stimulation. It all comes down to a not-so-good sexual experience.

5. Offers protection against genital warts

Shaving of pubic hair leads to higher risks of genital warts. Warts are bumps that appear over the genital area. In females, they occur near the vulva, vagina, cervix of the anus, whereas in males, they appear near penis, scrotum or anus. Warts can either be flat or raised, small or large. While pubic hair does not offer complete protection or prevention against warts, they help in avoiding skin on skin contact with someone who already has it. 

Source: NDTV