5 things successful people do over breaks

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25 December, 2017 14:13 PM

5 things successful people do over breaks

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Lynn Taylor, a national workplace expert and the author of Tame Your Terrible Office Tyrant: How to Manage Childish Boss Behaviour and Thrive in Your Job talks about what smart and driven professionals do when they're on break.

Here are 5 things that successful people do during breaks:

They unwind
Successful people try to detach themselves from their cell phones, Taylor said. It will help you unwind and relax.

They visit family and friends
There's no place like home for the holidays. "There may be other times of the year when you have time off and those you care about aren't available," Taylor said. "But this is prime time for reconnecting with your family and friends; they likely have some down time, too."

They allow for some slack
At the end of the day, breaks are meant to be relaxing. Don't overbook yourself. "If you book yourself solid with activities during your time off, you may feel pressure, which is counterproductive," Taylor told Business Insider.

They engage in their passions
Getting involved in your favourite hobby or pastime, whether it's music, sports, art, reading, or other endeavors, gives you a broader and healthier perspective on life," Taylor said. "It also makes you a more interesting person in and outside of work."

They volunteer
"The holidays can be an ideal time to help others who are less fortunate, especially during this time of year when a sense of support and community goes a long way," Taylor said. Plus, helping others may make you feel happier and healthier.