How to detox skin for New Year

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1 January, 2018 20:22 PM

How to detox skin for New Year

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The start of a brand new year, January is the perfect time to make some skincare resolutions.

After weeks of overindulgence, the effects of the festive season – think too much make-up and even more mince pies – have left many of our complexions a little worse for wear and in desperate need of a little TLC.  

Just as you may assume a detox for your body, the same sentiment translates to your skincare regime too. Here are some tips to detox your skin: 

Dry Brushing Routine

Dry brushing is an age-old method, and it involves brushing your skin when it is dry, just before you shower. It removes the dead skin cells and is also believed to help you get rid of toxins from your body and reduce cellulite.

Detox Bath

The main aim of a detox bath is to pull out all the toxins from your body and skin. It also relaxes your muscles and improves circulation (2). We have listed the best detox bath recipes for you below.

Epsom Salt

Fill the bathtub with enough warm water and add the Epsom salt to it.During the colder months, add olive oil to the bath for additional skin conditioning benefits. Soak your entire body for 30-40 minutes, up to your neck, in this water.

Hot Oil Massage

A hot oil massage is extremely soothing and relaxing for your skin. This process also helps a lot in detoxifying your skin by stimulating blood circulation. The oils will nourish and smoothen your skin and make it softer and naturally glowing.

Detox Diet

Remember, detoxification is not just from the outside, but from the inside too. Having a diet that is rich in antioxidants will remove all the chemical compounds that have been damaging your body. You can take vegetables such as artichoke, avocado, beetroot, broccoli, collard greens, kale, onions, and garlic. Different types of berries, citrus fruits, pomegranate, apple, and watermelon. Herbs like fennel, dill, dandelion root, and milk thistle. Drinks such as coconut water, green tea, and lemon water.

Sweat It Out

While using the home remedies and following a detox diet can help to a certain extent, you also need to do an hour of vigorous exercise every day. Sweating it out in the gym or on the track will enhance blood and lymph circulation in the body. 

Drink More Water

Lifeless and dull skin will become radiant and fresh with regular and adequate water intake. Train yourself to drink water without fail. Set a reminder or a schedule so that you drink a glass of water every hour.