50 ways of slacking off at work

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3 January, 2018 11:36 AM

50 ways of slacking off at work

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Tactical toilet breaks, booking meeting rooms for a gossip, and taking compassionate leave for the death of non-existent relatives have emerged among a list of the top 50 ways people “slack off” at work.

Booking out the boardroom for a power nap, doodling under the pretence of serious note taking and creating fictional meetings off-site are other ways people avoid their hefty workloads.

A study showed the average worker slacks off for up to 50 minutes a day – or more than four hours a week – usually to carry out personal tasks.


1.         Browsing the internet

2.         Surfing the internet the screen turned away from colleagues

3.         Checking personal emails

4.         Sending messages via Messenger, WhatsApp etc

5.         Browsing social media

6.         Disappearing for a little walk

7.         Online shopping

8.         Completing life admin at desk (banking, booking tickets, online food shops etc.)

9.         Eating lunch at your desk

10.       Staring at the screen looking concentrated – while daydreaming

11.       Tactical toilet breaks

12.       Reading the same document over and over

13.       Doodling, appearing to take serious notes

14.       A drink ready to tactically refill when a break is needed

15.       Starting kitchen conversations

16.       Writing personal emails in Microsoft Word

17.       Quickly switching between tabs and windows

18.       Taking as much time off at lunch as possible

19.       Wearing headphones

20.       Creating fictional meetings off-site

21.       Go for ‘a number two’

22.       Arranging to ‘work from home’

23.       Reading a newspaper

24.       Playing online games – disguised as work

25.       Starting water cooler conversations

26.       Making fake phone calls

27.       Booking the meeting room for a gossip

28.       Regular fag breaks

29.       Arranging your desk so no one can see your screen

30.       Offering to make numerous tea rounds

31.       Adjusting the brightness of the screen so no-one can what’s on there

32.       Constantly writing things on Post-it notes

33.       Taking compassionate leave for the death of a non-existent granny / granddad

34.       Walking around the office with a sense of urgency

35.       Keep checking, and staring, at your watch

36.       Watching TV on your PC/phone/laptop

37.       Cluttering your desk to look ‘snowed under’

38.       Sending late night emails

39.       Attending fake medical appointments

40.       Printing out copious amounts of “documents”

41.       Booking out the boardroom for a power nap

42.       Inventing medical issues – stomach cramps, migraines, headaches

43.       Inventing emergencies to attend to

44.       Having a mirror on the PC to check when the boss is coming

45.       Pretending there is a fault with your PC/laptop/phone

46.       Organising ‘urgent’ mobile phone calls with friends

47.       Having sex in the office (i.e. toilet, stationery cupboard)

48.       Running a separate business, side-line or other non-work project

49.       Pretending to photocopy

50.       Disabling sleep mode on your computer screen