Amari Dhaka's Tk9 lakh Valentine's Day package!

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1 February, 2018 20:52 PM

Amari Dhaka's Tk9 lakh Valentine's Day package!

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Amari Dhaka, one of the premier luxury hotels in the country, is offering a special Valentine’s Day package for couples.

Only one couple will avail of this "amazing opportunity" to spend a night on Cloud 9 by Amari at Tk9 lakh! The offer will only remain open on February 14. 

Amari Dhaka made the offer public through its official Facebook page on Thursday. It reads: "The most unique Valentine's experience of the year!"

The Tk9 lakh package includes a helicopter tour of the city, Mercedes limousine pick-up and drop, a private mind-blowing dinner on the very top level of Amari, overlooking the city with live string music followed by a one-night stay in the most luxurious honeymoon suite. 

"The Cloud 9 experience also includes Couple Spa Treatments, designer gifts and 24 Hour personalised "Him & Her" butler service. A date to remember, forever," the post added. 


# Oyster Cornett (Fin de Claire Oyster, Cone, 68 Degree Egg) 
# Lobster (with Sous Vide & Tempura and Yozo / Mango Gel) 
# Lobster Crackers & Salmon Roe 
# Sparkling Lemon Sorbet 
# Scallops and Truffle ( Grilled on fresh Thyme and Roasted Cauliflower and truffle cappuccino, Potato crisps, Grilled lemon)
# New Zealand Lamb (Slow cooked cheek, Buttered Lamb stock, Garlic sauté Button mushroom, Sweet potato pure )
# 15 Degree Asparagus and Broccoli Lollipop (Pressure cooked Squid tentacles, Chili oil, Dehydrated Fennel) 
# Infused Black Cod (Miso Black cod, Grilled Bok choi, Spinach in matsuhisa sesame dressing)
# Salted Chocolate Snickers (Dark chocolate terrine, Sea salt, Roasted peanuts, Caramel Fudge, Roasted butter vanilla ice cream)
# Strawberries 
# Hand Crafted Coffee & Tea with Petit Fours