Eight surprising hobbies!


22 February, 2018 16:21 PM

Eight surprising hobbies!

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1. I  takes photos - inside active volcanoes

The German photographer Ulla Lohmann takes studying volcanoes to the extreme: she lowers herself into active volcanoes to take pictures.


2. The men who believe they are the second coming

In his new book, 'The Last Testament', photographer Jonas Bendiksen documented men who believe they are second coming of Christ. Over the course of two years, he travelled around the world to meet seven different men who publicly claim they are the son of God returned to earth. He tells Dan Damon about his personal project to find out about these modern Messiahs and their followers.

3. The man who loves roundabouts

Kevin Beresford shares his love of roundabouts. He's the founder of the UK Roundabout Appreciation Society and his passion for circular intersections with an island in the middle is absolutely infectious.


4. Why hundreds of people dress as mermaids

The mermaid is a staple in many folk tales. It's the story of a half-fish-half-woman who sometimes brings luck and sometimes misfortune. She might fall in love with a human and, from time to time, she hangs out with mermen. It turns out she has quite a fan club. Last month, hundreds of people got together in the south-east United States and togged up in custom-made fishtails to swim and perform underwater.


5. The couple who make monsters

In the American state of Colorado, there's a place where nightmares are born. It's a studio where monsters are made. They’re for use in movies, on stage, and in haunted houses. But the creatures are also part of a love story.


6. Meet the man 'addicted' to solar eclipses

Astronomer Glenn Schneider has chased solar eclipses around the world since the early 1970s and has been in the path of totality 33 times. He spoke to BBC World Service, ahead of Monday’s total solar eclipse across North America, about what drives him.


7. ICU Grandpa: Holding ill babies when parents can’t

In Atlanta, Georgia there’s a man who's become known as the ‘ICU Grandpa’. David Deutchman volunteers to cradle premature babies in intensive care when their parents aren't able to. Outlook's Stephannie Stokes has been to meet him.


8. The world's top female jouster

By profession Sarah Hay is a deputy head teacher, but in her heart she's a medieval knight. Believe it or not, there's a thriving community of people who travel the world dressing up in armour, getting on horses and taking part in jousting competitions. Sarah's so good at it, that she's ranked as the world's number one woman jouster.

She estimates she's spent over $100,000 of her savings on the sport. She's even moved from her home country of Australia to work in Oman so that she can be closer to the European summer jousting season.