Mexican women are marrying trees! Here’s why

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8 March, 2018 11:07 AM

Mexican women are marrying trees! Here’s why

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A wedding is a special affair and couples these days are trying their best to make it unique. From getting married on Mt Everest to underwater weddings, more often than not, such unusual ceremonies are winning hearts on the Internet. But could you do something as dramatic if you get married to a tree? In a bizarre turn of events, some women in Mexico exchanged vows with trees, as their fathers gave them away during the ceremony.

But before you think it’s similar to the trend where women were marrying themselves, in other words, practising sologamy, then let us tell you that this isn’t even remotely connected to a cult. Neither is it similar to some archaic superstitions Indians believe in. In fact, it’s something powerful and important.

A group of Mexican activists decided to dress as brides and marry trees in order to highlight the illegal lumbering of trees. As the ceremony continued, the brides were seen embracing their really tall ‘spouse’ warmly and even planting a kiss. And as part of the ritual, they even threw their bouquet after the ceremony.

Illegal logging in San Jacinto Amilpas, Oaxaca is on a rise and this move is part of a campaign to gain more visibility. Oaxaca is one of the five states, worst hit by deforestation in the Latin American country.

According to a report by Metro, “‘Marry a tree’ began as a ritual of giving thanks to Mother Earth carried out by the organisation ‘Bedani’, and later gave way to a symbolic wedding based on Inca customs where women and men ‘marry’ trees in a rite led by Peruvian actor and environmentalist Richard Torres.”


Source: Indian Express