Signs your girlfriend is ready for marriage

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31 March, 2018 19:06 PM

Signs your girlfriend is ready for marriage

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Although a person might be in a relationship for a long time, yet when the time to pop the question for marriage arrives, it’s not an easy decision to make. Especially, a lot of men have a hard time deciding if the girl they are in love with is ready to tie the knot or not.

One way to arrive at a conclusion is by asking the girl directly and taking the risk of being rejected or, if fortunate, being accepted. Another way can be to read some signs to know that your girlfriend is ready to take the relationship to the next level. Here are a few telltale signs to know if it's the right time to fetch the ring.

1. She drops hints about how her friends are getting married

Does your girl keeps reminding you about her married friends and frequently expresses how happy she is for them? This might be a good sign that she looks at marriage with a positive attitude and takes inspiration from her married friends. It’s time to fetch the ring if she is surrounded my married couples and she loves spending time with them.

2. She talks about the future and uses the word ‘we’ frequently

Things cannot get more obvious than this—she talks about the future and instead of saying, “I should do this…” she starts the conversation with “We should do this…” The transition from ‘I’ to ‘we’ is a positive sign and take this as a hint that she is willing to plan a future with you.

3. Gets both the families involved

Instead of spending the weekend watching movies with you, she makes plan for family dinners. In fact, she even consults your mother if she needs help deciding matters related to the kitchen. These are signs that she is comfortable with your family and is willing to be a part of it. She is ready to take the plunge and you should not waste time beating around the bush.

4. Discusses financial matters with you and talks about financial security

If your initial days of dating were about splurging on shopping and dinners, don’t be surprised if she slowly tries to dissuade you from being a big spender after a year or two. Rather take this as a positive sign because a person worries about saving money only when he or she is planning for the future. And it’s the right time to pop the question if she starts discussing financial matters and plans investments together with you.

5. She starts the ‘baby’ talk, even if on a lighter note

This is one topic that even some married couples struggle to address. If your girlfriend randomly drops hints about how she likes babies or shares about her ideas of motherhood, it means she is comfortable talking about children with you. Remember, motherhood is not an easy topic to talk about with anyone unless a woman is comfortable with the person.

6. Talks about fitness goals and plans long-term activities with you

f we truly love a person, we care about his or her well-being—be it emotional or physical. Has she been making health and fitness goals for both and keeps challenging you to change your habits that are bad for your health? When she talks about a healthy lifestyle, does it include plans that last for years? If you have answered yes to all these questions, it’s time to fetch the ring and get down on your knees with the question you have been planning to ask her for so long!