Why you should avoid painting your nails on a flight

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4 April, 2018 11:50 AM

Why you should avoid painting your nails on a flight

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A journey on a flight, especially long-haul, can turn out to be monotonous and boring.

Of course, you do not have a scenic view to enjoy from the window seat for most of the flight. All you have to rely on, to keep yourself engaged, are things like reading a book, listening to music, eating or watching a movie, more so if you have booked yourself a middle or an aisle seat.

Another way of killing time, for many, could be by indulging in self-grooming activities like painting nails. If you have resorted to such practises or are thinking of doing it the next time, avoid doing so.

In 2006, a United Airlines flight was on its way from Chicago to San Diego. The flight had to make an emergency landing in Denver, Colorado, because a passenger was painting her nails, as mentioned in a report by aviationpros.com.

Crew members of the flight smelled foul odour, which was eventually found to have spread from acetone, contained both in nail polish and nail polish remover.

Painting nails while on a flight is not exactly illegal. Nail polish fumes, however, are toxic, which cannot be filtered through the recycled air system onboard the aircraft. This means, if and when one uses nail polish onboard, it would expose the cabin crew and fellow passengers to toxic air, warns HuffPost, in one of its articles.

If passengers and the cabin crew are exposed to such toxic air, they might have trouble breathing, get a headache or even feel nauseous.

One can say that avoiding the use of nail polish or a nail polish remover on a flight is part of the etiquette that should be followed to make sure one doesn't cause any inconvenience to others. Plus, it will ensure a safe and comfortable journey for all.


Source: India Today