3 DIY hair rinses to get shiny hair at home


17 April, 2018 18:43 PM

3 DIY hair rinses to get shiny hair at home

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Although it's a wonderful season filled with sunshine, the worst thing about summer is the heat. Not only does it do a number to our skin, it also damages the hair greatly. Frizz, dryness and an overall lack of lustre is what all of us notice this season. To fix it, don't turn to expensive shampoos and fancy masks. Instead, focus on those last few minutes of bath time to do a hair rinse. A hair rinse gives the hair one final wash of nourishment and more often than not, is inexpensive. If you want glossy tresses that are high on shine this season, try these three DIY hair rinses that you can make at home.

1. Apple Vinegar Rinse
To make this rinse, combine quarter cup of apple cider vinegar with two cups of cold water in a tumbler and mix well. Once your hair has been shampooed, pour this mixture through it, let it sit for two - three minutes and wash off with cold water. The benefits of apple cider vinegar are many. When it comes to hair, apple cider with its acetic acid excellently removes the build-up of residue on the scalp and in turns, allows the hair to shine to its full potential.

2. Beer Rinse
The morning after an all-night rager, fish out that opened bottle of beer and use it for your tresses rather than throwing it out. Flat beer is a popular rinse to get glossy locks and that is all thanks to the sugar and alcohol content. To make it, all you need is flat beer, that's it. Once you have shampooed, pour the flat beer throughout your hair right from the roots. Let it sit for four - five minutes and wash it away with cold water and if needed, repeat the rinse. Make sure you thoroughly wash off the beer or else you will end up smelling like a brewery when it dries.

3. Black Tea Rinse
The next time you are brewing yourself a cup of black tea, make an extra cup. Not for a friend or anything but for your hair. Yes, really. Black tea is rich in tannins and caffeine which boost shine greatly and also darken hair colour. Brew a cup of black tea that's higher in proportion with tea leaves than your regular tea and cool it. Once you are done with your shower, pour the tea over the lengths of your hair and let it soak for five - seven minutes. Then wash it off with cold water.