'Nearly 40 percent of women admit to exercising so they can eat freely'


20 April, 2018 12:45 PM

'Nearly 40 percent of women admit to exercising so they can eat freely'

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Almost four in 10 women admitted to adopting a credit-debit approach to their gym regime – working out so they can have free reign on what they eat - a survey has found.

Instead of exercising purely to get fit, millions of chocolate and wine-loving women hit the gym to earn the right to indulge in their favourite calorific foods, while 38 percent went as far as to say being able to eat what they want is the main reason they exercise.

Four in 10 even said they would not agree to a night out with friends without first going to the gym to compensate for it.

Just over a third of men also admitted to going to the gym just so they can enjoy a more calorific diet.

“For some people, going to the gym or out for a run is something they love to do," said Mike Walker a spokesman for snack brand Yushoi, which conducted the poll. “We believe exercise can provide a place of sanctuary and release for people, but for others it’s something they just put up with in order to enjoy other areas of their lives – particularly their social lives and diet.

“Realistically, we feel it’s all about balance, both when it comes to food and to exercise. People put too much pressure on themselves, but life is about enjoyment and balancing what you enjoy and what’s good for you.”

The study of 2,000 people found 86 percent enjoy eating calorific foods with more than eight in 10 seeing diet and exercise as a balancing act. Chocolate is the top treat gym goers work out to reward themselves with, followed by cake, pizza and Chinese takeaways.

Wine, curry and crisps are also among the top 10 foods which people enjoy in return for exercising.

It also emerged the average gym goer will workout for 19 minutes to burn off or earn a chocolate bar and 15 minutes for each cocktail they consume.