3 tricks by experts will make you lose weight a lot faster

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2 May, 2018 20:00 PM

3 tricks by experts will make you lose weight a lot faster

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Losing weight need not be as huge a task as you think it is. If you follow a certain set of rules you can easily lose weight and in much quicker time than you think.

Cutting down on your sugar intake, running for five minutes and even reducing stress factors can add to your weight loss journey.

Follow these three easy tricks to lose weight a lot faster.

Walk up the stairs

This is the perfect way to exercise your calf muscles and will also help build your stamina levels. Although initially, you may not be able to climb so many floors you should ideally begin with 3-4 flights of stairs and then eventually increase the levels over time.

Eat smart

One word- carbohydrates. Opt out of carbohydrates as they take longer to fill up a person's stomach. Proteins and vegetables, on the other hand, help make the body feel fuller and will lead to less intake of food. It is also advised to eat small amounts of meals throughout the day at different intervals rather than eating a lot all at once.

Eat food slowly

Since most of us are time tied we tend to gulp our food down every chance we get. But it's also important to remember that mechanical digestion which happens in the mouth while chewing food is an important part of the overall digestion. Also if you eat quickly it will lead to overeating which is certainly something you should avoid.