5 types of alcohol that damaging your skin


3 May, 2018 10:41 AM

5 types of alcohol that damaging your skin

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If you love to drink every weekend and desperately wait for Friday, then there's a piece of bad news for you. You favourite drink might be adding a few years to your face without you even realising it. While there are hundreds of benefits of drinking alcohol, it's not a new thing to say that it comes with loads of side effects as well. Besides affecting the liver and adding to weight gain, it also alters the skin and you will be surprised to know that five of your most favourite alcoholic drinks might be damaging your skin.


Don't we love finishing pints and pints, in some cases pitchers of beer? Well, if you are a beer lover, you need to slow down because beer is the major reason why you have a puffy or bloated face because beer comprises both sugar and salt, which contribute to bloating.

White wine

Love to hold that glass of white wine through a windy evening, well a research might make you change your habit! A research paper published America based Brown University found out that even consuming small amounts of white wine can increase your chances of developing rosacea, a skin condition that causes redness and visible blood vessels on one's face.

Red wine

If you thought red wine could be your saviour, you are wrong again. While it has tremendous health benefits otherwise, if you already have a troubled skin and do get red rashes at times, then red wine could be the worst alcoholic drink for you as the natural sugar present in it will only increase the redness further.


While rum or whiskey might not be so bad in entirety, the fact most people love to add soda to these drinks is where it turns into an enemy of the skin. Soda contains sugar and artificial sweeteners that trigger acne. Also, dark liquors contain congeners that are produced during fermentation of alcohol and these congeners cause skin to age sooner that it would naturally.


Since cocktails are a mix of variety of liquor, they lose their purity and the high amount of sugar used in each of these can leave one with acne, bloodshot eyes, and rashes.

What to drink?

According to researchers, the clearer the alcohol the less damaging it is on the skin. Hence, you should opt for vodka and gin over whiskey and wine.