World Emoji Day

Here what the 'emojis' you use say about your love life

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17 July, 2018 14:50 PM

Here what the 'emojis' you use say about your love life

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The world of online chatting would have been a dull and boring place if we did not have emojis to express our feelings, isn’t it? Missing your bae? Send him/her a ‘rose’ or ‘kiss’ emoji! Your bestie texted you at midnight and you are already asleep?

There is an emoji to convey that and you don’t even need to type a single word. In fact, we might not have realised but we all have a set of emojis we use in our daily conversations. And if you are not aware, there is a special day dedicated to appreciate these unsung heroes of online chatting.

Today is World Emoji Day (drum rolls!) and we have culled out a few interesting facts around the lives of emoji users.

The study

Emojis are such an important part of our life that researchers have actually done some really detailed, cool studies on them. For instance, an online dating site conducted a survey on more than five thousand participants who were ‘single’ and asked them questions regarding their emoji-using habits. We are pretty sure that the findings below are going to take you by surprise.

Emoji users go out on more dates

The study concluded that a whopping 52 per cent of emoji users went on at least one date in past one year, and 27 per cent participants who did not use emojis did not go on even a single one. Ouch! The probable reason could be that using emojis makes chatting more interesting and helps you to be more expressive. Ergo, these little icons silently help to amp up your dating game. 

When it comes to sex!

54 per cent singles who used emojis while chatting had more sex, in comparison to 31 per cent single who never used them. Here’s a quick tip for those who still don’t use emojis—sexting is a lot better (and sizzling!) when you throw in some happy looking faces, virtual flowers and a few naughty icons.

Do you listen the wedding bells?

This is a pretty intriguing finding. When it comes to getting hitched, emoji users are more willing to get married in comparison to the non-users. Getting into the details, 62 per cent of emoji users want to get married and around 30 per cent singles who do not use emojis are not willing to tie the knot.

The most go-to emojis to flirt

The study even dished out the most commonly used emojis while flirting. Men and women tap on a wink, blushing smiley and kiss face ones when trying to seduce someone online. And you thought it’s just you who use them to romance with your crush? Well, fella, the world is tapping on this emojis!

Emojis turn you expressive

Interestingly, 51 per cent singles confessed that emojis help to give their text ‘more personality’ and 37 per cent feel using these make it ‘easier to express their feelings.’ Well, now you need where to tap if you want to improve your communication skills in the virtual world.