BAN vs SL, 6th Match- Live Cricket Update

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25 January, 2018 12:10 PM

BAN vs SL, 6th Match- Live Cricket Update

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Tri-nation series, 6th match, Bangladesh vs Sri Lanka


3.09pm (Local Time): Mustafizur Rahman to Tharanga, 1 run. The match is over. Sri Lanka beat Bangladesh by 10 wickets. Huge win for them. Chandimal's men confirmed the spot in the final in style.

2.59pm (Local Time): Six by Gunathilaka. Sri Lanka 65/0 in 9.2 overs. Target: 83

2.52pm (Local Time): Six by Tharanga. Sri Lanka 50/0 after 8 overs. Target: 83

2.36pm (Local Time): Six by Tharanga. Sri Lanka 31/0 in 4.3 overs. Target: 83

2.25pm (Local Time): Tharanga and Gunathilaka open the innings for Sri Lanka. they need only 83 runs to win the match. 

Innings Break

2.09pm (Local Time): Rubel Hossain gone and Bangladesh are all-out for only 82 runs. Really, very poor batting from the Tigers.

2.05pm (Local Time): Now, Bangladesh skipper Mashrafe 1(4). Bangladesh 81/9 in 23.2 overs.

2.01pm (Local Time): Nasir OUT, Bangladesh 80/8 in 23 overs.

1.58pm (Local Time): Musfiqur Raham 7(7) Departs, Big wicket for the visitors. Bangladesh 79/7 in 22.3 overs.

1.42pm (Local Time): Abul Hasan 7(7) gone, Bangladesh 71/6 in 18.3 overs.

1.38pm (Local Time): Four by Abul Hasan. Bangladesh 71/5 in 18.2 overs.

1.28pm (Local Time): Sabbir 10(12) OUT, Bangladesh in deep trouble now, lost their 5th wicket in 57 runs.

1.21pm (Local Time): Four by Sabbir.  Bangladesh 53/4 after 15 overs. 

1.03pm (Local Time): Four by Musfiqur Rahim. Bangladesh 39/4 in 11.3 overs. 

12.57pm (Local Time): Mahmudullah 7(20) gone. Lakmal takes the wicket. Bangladesh 34/4 in 10.4 overs. 

12.52pm (Local Time): Four by Mahmudullah. Bangladesh 31/3 in 9.5 overs.

12.42pm (Local Time): Chameera to Rahim, 1 leg bye, Bangladesh 25/3 after 8 overs.

12.24pm (Local Time): Another wicket gone, this time Tamim Iqbal 5(14). Bangladesh 16/3 in 4.5 overs.

12.20pm (Local Time): Sakib Al Hasan 8(8) gone. Big wicket for Sri Lanka. Bangladesh 15/2 in 4.3 overs.

Anamul Haque was bowled off an inside edge. Photo: AP


12.14pm (Local Time): Anamul Haque Bijoy gone for a duck. Bangladesh lost their first wicket (5/1).

11.59am (Local Time): Tamim and Bijoy are at the crease to open the innings for Bangladesh.

11.34am (Local Time): Bangladesh win the toss and elected to bat first.