Now Jessia Islam new 'Miss World Bangladesh'

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4 October, 2017 19:00 PM

Now Jessia Islam new 'Miss World Bangladesh'

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Jessia Islam has been made the new Miss World Bangladesh 2017 as Jannatul Nayeem was stripped of the title for hiding information. 

The organizers came up with the decision at a press conference held in this regard at the Grand Ballroom of The Westin in the capital on Wednesday afternoon.

Jannatul Nayeem earlier said she will give back her beauty crown if she is excluded from the title. 

Jannatul Nayeem came up with the comment while responding queries of a private TV channel in the capital earlier in the day.  

“I don't have any regret for it,’ she said. 

She also said: “I will work for the children and for the ill-fated girls in the country in rest of my life.”

Earlier the Miss World Bangladesh 2017 Jannatul Nayeem was stripped of her beauty title after the news on her marriage made waves in the Media.

Jannatul, who took part in the beauty contest hiding her marital status, went live on Facebook and said her father forced her to get married.

With tears in her eyes, she said: "A father forced a 16-year-old girl to marry a man, but the girl didn't accept it. She escaped from it as she wanted to go ahead surmounting all the odds of the society.

“I am a divorcee, fine, I am a girl. As a human, I have rights to represent myself on an international platform. I wanted nothing for myself. I just wanted to set an example before the girls of your country that what a woman can do if she wants.”

On Friday night, Jannatul Nayeem was selected as Miss World Bangladesh 2017. But, the news drew controversy the next day after it was revealed that Jannatul Nayeem was not the judges' choice.

Rather, the judges selected runner-up Jessia Islam to represent Bangladesh at the Miss World contest to be held in November this year in Sanya, China.

On Monday, Jannatul Nayeem again made headlines after news on her marriage surfaced in Media.

According to a number of reports, the Jannatul got married to a businessman in Chittagong some four years ago. However, the couple separated some two and a half months after they tied the knot.