YouTube mega star Hero Alom enters Bollywood! (Video)

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8 August, 2018 19:16 PM

YouTube mega star Hero Alom enters Bollywood! (Video)


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YouTube mega star Hero Alom is set to start his journey to Bollywood as an agreement has been signed between Hero Alom and Director Provatkumar in India today. 

Contacted Director Provatkumar and Hero Alom have confirmed the agreement signing to Kalerkantho from India on Wednesday.

“Hero Alom, who is now in India, will act with our next film ‘Bizu The Hero’ and will play a key role in the cinema,” Provatkumar added.

He also said: “The film will be shot from December this year at Ranchi city in India while a Bollywood actress will also star in this movie.”

“I am very happy. I have signed an agreement for acting in the upcoming Indian film and I will let everyone know over the matter after returning home,” Hero Alom told Kalerkantho over the phone.

In 2016, Ashraful Alom alias Hero Alom from Bagura had almost gone on to become a household name through social media when he created over 500 music videos.

The popular Bangladeshi actor and social media sensation Hero Alom, who seems to be living in his own imaginary life, acted in his self-made video songs where the handsome hunk was romancing young women made everyone laugh out loud.