BNP making dramatic pleas as polls forthcoming: PM


31 August, 2017 13:29 PM

BNP making dramatic pleas as polls forthcoming: PM

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Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina yesterday said BNP is making dramatic pleas as the next election is approaching fast.

Addressing a discussion in the city marking 42nd martyrdom anniversary of Bangabandhu, the prime minister said BNP-Jamaat tried to destroy a nation in the name of movement to foil the 2014 election.

"Now BNP is making many pleas as the next general election is nearing fast," she said.

To foil the 2014 polls, she said, "They left no stone unturned . . . They committed the most heinous crime of burning people alive."

"BNP-Jamaat alliance, like Pakistanis, tortured the women, torched and occupied the houses of people," she said adding that "it's their politics, they cannot do welfare of the people, they can only torture people and destroy everything."

Dhaka South and North chapters of Bangladesh Awami League arranged the discussion at Bangabandhu International Conference Center.

Urging the party workers to take a vow to build a hunger and poverty free Bangladesh, the prime minister said, "Building the dreamland of Bangabandhu is the best way to pay homage to him."

"Father of the Nation is not alive amongst us. But we have his ideology and with that ideology and principle we want to take forward the country," she said.

President of Dhaka South chapter Haji Abul Hasnat presided over the meeting while presidium members of the party Dr Abdur Razzak and Faruk Khan, central committee members Mofazzal Hossain Chowdhury Maya and Advocate Quamrul Islam and general secretary of Dhaka South chapter Shahe Alam Murad addressed the meeting among others.

Criticizing BNP-Jamaat alliance for their destructive politics, the prime minister said, "Their character was best exposed in 2013 when they burnt thousands of copies of the holy Quran, set fire in mosques and killed Awami league leader Azam Khan when he was reading the holy Quran inside a mosque.

"In the name of movement BNP-Jamaat in fact unleashed a movement of terrorists and militants. In three years from 2013 to 2015 they have killed as many as 500 people including 27 members of the law enforcement agencies, burnt about 3,500 people and destroyed 582 schools. Many families were destroyed and some of them are living on government support, she said.

The prime minister said in the name of foiling election in 2014, BNP-Jamaat hurled petrol bombs on innocent people, killed election officials though she tried her best to pursue BNP to take part in the polls and form an interim government on the basis of consensus.

Paying her tributes to Bangabandhu and martyrs of August 15, the Prime Minister said the Father of the Nation had sacrificed his personal happiness and comfort while struggling for nation's welfare. He instilled the spirit of independence in people.

Sheikh Hasina noted that the Pakistani rulers had tried to hang Bangabandhu twice, but inflexible Bangabandhu continued his struggle to free the nation from subjugation. Pakistani rulers could not hang him as pressure of the international community mounted, she said.

After independence, Sheikh Haisna said, Bangabandhu framed the country's constitution in only none months guaranteeing all basic rights of the people. In only three and a half years, Bangabandhu made Bangladesh befitting to a sovereign and independent country from a Pakistani province. Bangladesh earned recognition of 116 countries and 26 international organizations in a very short period of time, she said.

Sheikh Hasina said Bangabandhu was assassinated on the fateful night of August 15 in 1975 when he was taking forward the country economically. The most heinous crime the killers committed on that day by attacking three houses and killing his wife, three sons, two sisters-in-law and most of the kith and kin of Bangabandhu.

Sheikh Hasina said betrayer Mustaque was the mastermind of the killing of Bangabandhu. But he could not stay in power more than three months. Mustaque made Ziaur Rahman the army chief as Zia helped him in executing the August 15 ploy.

Sheikh Hasina said many people try to make Zia a saint (shadu) though he was the real patron of the Bangabandhu killers. Zia rewarded the killers with foreign posting and giving them impunity. BNP projected Zia's 'broken suitcase' before people to draw their sympathy. But people don't know he used to buy his clothes from abroad.

"Now his wife has embezzled the money of orphans and corruption allegation against his sons has also been proved in the FBI investigation at home and abroad," the prime minister said.

Sheikh Hasina lamented that country's intellectuals except few were completely silent about the brutal killing of Bangabandhu and deprived the people of their democratic and civil rights. The killers ruled the country under the cover of curfew for years after Bangabandhu's killing, she said.

The prime minister said no government after 1975 tried to resolve the nation's problems. They enjoyed the power but took no steps to resolve the crisis in Chittagong Hill Tracts, Land Boundary Agreement issue with India and maritime boundary issue with neighbours. The Awami League after coming to power in 1996 had initiated resolution of the issues, she said.

The prime minister thanked the party leaders for electing her as the president of the Awami League, saying people of Bangladesh are enjoying the benefit of democracy as the Awami League is in power. She urged the party workers to be imbued with the ideology of Bangabandhu to build a hunger and poverty free Bangladesh.