Information services for Rohingyas

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13 October, 2017 13:31 PM

Information services for Rohingyas

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The UNICEF recently launched eight Information and Feedback Centre in Balukhali camp in Cox’s Bazar with a view to providing vital Information support for Rohingyas, mainly on available service provisions.

The Information and Feedback centres have been established in various new camps and spontaneous settlements. 

According to the UNICEF Bangladesh, each centre caters to the information needs of 2,500 families and provides people with related contact numbers of the service providers.

“People can also lodge complaints in the centres in connection to service quality and inaccessibility which the centre will record and pass on to the appropriate authorities for remedial action, said Gita Rani Das, Communication for Development (C4D) Officer, UNICEF Bangladesh. 

Moreover, these will also disseminate public announcements, key lifesaving information to the newly arrived Rohingyas on health, nutrition, water, sanitation and hygiene, newborn and maternal care and child health.

“These information are likely to become very useful, especially in the wake of a possible disease outbreak, including cholera. Equipped with this information, they can take necessary preventive guard,” she added.  

The centres will also run multimedia sessions on these issues and distribute communication materials on key lifesaving issues. These will also hold demonstration sessions on key behaviours like proper techniques of hand washing.

These will function at centre level, door-to-door and at the community level through 16 designated staff in eight centres. 

Under the Community Information Services Project, these centres will also organise sensitization workshops with community and religious leaders to address and remove harmful social practices and negative social norms, it was learned.