Human-trafficking syndicate targeting Bangladeshis in Malaysia

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12 January, 2018 17:46 PM

Human-trafficking syndicate targeting Bangladeshis in Malaysia

Photo: The Star Online

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Malaysian Immigration Department has busted another human smuggling syndicate, this time led by a Bangladeshi national known as “Abang Bangla”.

The 43-year-old was arrested together with a Malaysian man during an operation early Friday, according to The Star Online.

Immigration director-general Datuk Seri Mustafar Ali said after weeks of surveillance, his officers raided a house in Shah Alam and found 50 Bangladeshis occupying it.

“These people, mostly blacklisted by the department, had travelled from Dhaka to Jakarta, Indonesia and then took a boat to enter Malaysia illegally.

Mustafar said some of the Bangladeshis, aged between 20 and 45, could not fly into Malaysia as they were blacklisted.

“They were here previously and we caught them for working illegally or with expired permits. That's why they were blacklisted and could not enter Malaysia through official means,” he added.

Cash amounting to RM13,000 was also seized at the scene.