No difference between reports of CPD, BNP: Tofail

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14 January, 2018 19:06 PM

No difference between reports of CPD, BNP: Tofail

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Commerce Minister Tofail Ahmed has criticised Centre for Policy Dialogue (CPD) for its yesterday’s report on the banking sector and economic crisis.

He said: "The report on the economic development came as a surprise to the people of the country because CPD is criticising the development activities at a time when Bangladesh is going to graduate from LDCs in March this year.

"There is no basic difference between the statements of CPD and that of the BNP."

The minister made the remarks while talking to journalists after a meeting with Swedish Ambassador to Bangladesh Ms Charlotta Schlyter at his ministry on Sunday.

He further said: "CPD released the negative report when World Bank and other renowned local and foreign economists, researchers and research organisations are highly praising Bangladesh's socio-economic achievements."

Mentioning that the rate of poverty was 43% in 2006 but it came down to 22.4% now, he said: "The rate of hardcore poor came down to 11.9 % from 17.6% during this period."

With the successful implementation of SDGs the rate of hardcore power will come down to 3% in 2030, he added.

Earlier in the day, in his reaction, Finance Minister AMA Muhith said CPD is bent on bringing down Bangladesh.

In its report on Saturday, the CPD said the economy has come under pressure due to the banking sector crisis, inflation, and soaring imports amid inadequate export earnings and insufficient remittance inflows.