Liter of Light Bangladesh hosts ‘Giving the Gift of Light’ in New York

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4 April, 2018 18:16 PM

Liter of Light Bangladesh hosts ‘Giving the Gift of Light’ in New York

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Liter of Light Bangladesh, a Chittagong based social development initiative hosts an introductory event ‘Giving the Gift of Light’ in New York on Tuesday.

Liter of Light Bangladesh is a part of Philippine-based global community initiative, led by Lights Foundation of Bangladesh. 

Regional Manager of the organization in United States Jahid Tanvir said: “Around 44.80% people are living outside of the national electricity grid in Bangladesh. To illuminate the darkness, the underprivileged people should know how to solve their own problem by making lights."

Liter of Light Bangladesh Founder & Executive Director Shanjidul Alam Seban Shaan joined the session via Skype from Bangladesh.

He said, “We tend to avoid our responsibility by donating some money. But rather donating money, if we can make them self-dependent, the problem they face can be solved by themselves."

"Lots of NGOs are providing solar systems to the off-grid places, but the logistics & their profit margin makes the product costly, which is really tough for poor people to buy. If we can teach them how to make their own lights with easily available materials which cost one-tenth of the products in the market, they can light their own house."

Bangladeshi immigrants and American citizens were present at the session. Organizers called for support and donation from the people presented in the session.

Liter of Light mainly establishes light made out of the solar panel, lithium battery, PVC pipe and plastic bottle. Under this project, volunteers from the different school, college and university make some street lights & lamps.

Then they visit a village in a coastal or hill-tract area or a slum to install the streetlights and distribute the lamps to poor people. Finally, they conduct a workshop with the local people about how to make the light. It makes them enable to make more lights to serve their whole village.

Liter of Light is available in more than 20 countries, around 100 nonprofit organizations working to spread the idea of making lights.