Both captain Abid and aircraft were fit to fly: US-Bangla

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22 April, 2018 14:55 PM

Both captain Abid and aircraft were fit to fly: US-Bangla

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US-Bangla Airlines authorities claimed that both captain Abid Sultan and the aircraft, which crashed while landing at Trivubhan International Airport in Nepal on March 12, were fit to fly. 

US-Bangla Airlines Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Imran Asif came up with the claim on Sunday after the first investigation report of the incident was published recently. 

Referring to the separate probe reports made by Nepal and Bangladesh Civil Aviation authorities, Imran Asif said: “Civil aviation authorities of both the countries did not find any technical glitch in the aircraft. Captain Abid Sultan was also mentally and physically sound during the incident happened."

“According to the international law, a pilot can work 14 hours in a day, including 11 flying hours. The media reports that cited the technical glitch of the plane and tiredness of the pilot during the incident, were baseless," he added. 

Twenty-Seven Bangladeshi passengers were killed in the plane crash in Trivuban International Airport in Kathmandu on March 12, leaving at least 50 people dead among 71 passengers, including 22 Nepalese and one Chinese nationals.