Consider quota issue with sympathy, Raushon to Hasina


12 July, 2018 21:23 PM

Consider quota issue with sympathy, Raushon to Hasina

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Opposition Leader Raushon Ershad on Thursday urged Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in parliament to consider the quota reform demand of students with sympathy as she has a motherly heart.

In her winding up speech in the budget session of the House, she also called upon the Prime Minister to increase the age-limit to 35 for entering government jobs and fix 65 year as the retirement age. 

“There’s confusion among our children about quota. It’s usual that they will seek jobs on completion of their studies.  It’s also usual for them staging demonstration (demanding quota reforms). They’re our children. We must ensure jobs for them,” Raushon said.

She further said: “I would like to urge the Prime Minister through you [the Speaker) to consider the quota reform issue with sympathy.  I know our Prime Minister has a motherly heart. I, therefore, request you to consider the issue. I know she’ll do it as she loves the country and its people.”

Stating that some 5 crore capable people currently remain unemployed in the country, the Opposition Leader called upon the government to focus on job creation. “You (govt) will have to create jobs. Or else, the young generation will take the wrong path.”

She also said the unemployment leads to an increase in drug peddling as many jobless youths get engaged in it for making money.

Rushon suggested the government to take steps for rapid industrialisation in the country for generating jobs for unemployed youths.

She also underscored the need for increasing the budgetary allocation for the education sector. “It‘s regrettable that the allocation proposed for the education sector is very low. It should have got the highest allocation.”

The Opposition Leader urged the government to take proper steps for ensuring quality education so that students can qualify for better jobs also in the private sector.