Kumari Puja today

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17 October, 2018 13:04 PM

Kumari Puja today

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Hindu devotees are celebrating Maha Ashtami, the most auspicious of the five-day Durga puja festival, with two significant rituals -- 'Kumari Puja' and 'Shandhi Puja'.

Kumari Puja, the ritual of worshipping pre-pubescent girl considering her as the mother goddess, started at 11 am at Ramkrishna Mission in the capital, while the Mahaastami Puja began at 7 am at different mandaps across the country.

To celebrate Kumari Puja, people started to throng Ramkrishna Mission in Dhaka from the morning.

The puja is organised only at the temples of the mission in Bangladesh.

Devotees of all ages offered flowers at the feet of the Durga. Arati was performed. It is customary to offer the girl gold, silver, and clothes, which is considered a pious act.

The young girl fasts the entire day till the puja ends.

She is made to sit on a throne before the goddess, as the priest chants religious hymns amid the sound of dhak (traditional drum). After the puja, the divinity of the goddess is said to descend into the Kumari.